At Gulzad Group, we are committed to a long-term sustainable approach to caring for and safeguarding the environment. Afghanistan has experienced decades of strife and over-exploitation, having left its mark on this dramatically beautiful country. Gulzad Group acknowledges that addressing the environmental problems in Afghanistan is a daunting task. However, it is a challenge that the group does not see as insurmountable. At every opportunity, and at every location, the group will purposefully contribute to the environmental recovery of Afghanistan, through solid, objective-focused initiatives. Sustainability for Gulzad Group means that we will constantly endeavor to balance environmental considerations and social responsibility with our business goals. As a result, we strive to evolve and implement our Corporate Environmental Policy – in addition to complying with environmental laws and regulations. Over the long-run, only a sustainable approach will benefit our clients, affiliates, business associates and communities we serve by both meeting our business goal as well as protecting and improving the quality of the environment in which we live in.

The group will support and participate in activities and educational programs that will develop environmental management capacity in the provinces. It will also lobby government to prioritize environmental education, expand community-based natural resources management and restoration projects. Through this partnership approach, progress can be made to addressing Afghanistan’s many environmental problems and to the infrastructure rebuilding that is vital to the growth and prosperity of the country.

Corporate responsibility is an integral part of how we do business every day. Committed to operating with the highest standards of ethical behavior and to promote conscientious citizenship that improves and promotes economic, social and environmental sustainability, our sustainability goals, which date to 1941, address a broad spectrum of responsibilities to the people of Afghanistan.

As the country emerges from decades of internal strife, the Board of directors of the Gulzad Group recognize that, as part of the private sector economy, and as a catalyst to private sector growth, the group has a responsibility for the proper handling of its governance in business. It is the policy of Gulzad Group to conduct business activities with honesty and integrity.

Our proud reputation has come about as a result of the commitment to our people, over many decades, to meet high ethical and professional standards. This ensures the continued long-term success of our company based on a clear strategy. Focusing on a corporate culture helps us align the interests between our business and society. Our core values are based on doing the right thing, the right way. We expect all Gulzad Group employees, directors and business partners, to follow a code of conduct that engenders pride and integrity.

Gulzad Group has a deeply rooted tradition of acting in a responsible and ethical manner, and of being actively and positively present in the communities where it is established. Since our founding in 1941, we have embodied the true spirit of corporate social responsibility and are committed to the highest standards of corporate citizenship. Our culture and values are rooted in service, integrity, and taking personal responsibility for our actions, outcomes, and reputation. As a leader in many industries we connect people with employment opportunities and make a difference in the communities in which we live and work. Our social responsibility is arguably mostly visible in the work carried out by Gulzad Foundation, a non-profit organization in Afghanistan. Established by the Gulzad Group with the purpose of serving its community by helping the struggling and marginalized of the Afghan community, Sharam Gulzad’s focus was to stop the relapse of Afghan society. The objective of the Foundation is to help the most affected, and to assist them to become independent and self-reliant individuals to then contribute to a better tomorrow.

Directors and staff of the Gulzad Group are passionate about the long-term sustainability of Afghanistan. With the group’s corporate social responsibility policies and various outreach programs within urban and rural communities of Afghanistan, we have been able to establish and support many initiatives. At present, some initiatives include providing clean water and blankets, creating a women’s only bazaar to further promote ‘Afghan First’ and ‘Afghan Made’ to sponsoring local children’s education, after school programs for the youth, planning events at local orphanages for various occasions throughout the year, and women empowerment programs.

We believe in the power of collaboration and would welcome a conversation with any individual or group who share our ambitions and ideals.