For generations the Gulzad family has been actively involved in the production, processing and distribution of the traditional dried fruits of Afghanistan. A powerful connection with the land and its produce has been at the heart of the business since its beginning, and today the Gulzad name is synonymous with the highest quality dried fruits of Afghanistan.

It was the Gulzad family who developed higher quality produce through effective land management, refining cultivation processes, and introducing cooperative farming principles to distribute the benefits of greater yields and improved production methods.

The Gulzad Group Agricultural cooperative is based on centuries of experience, and it is now one of the most respected and widespread cooperatives in Afghanistan. This is a direct result of the vision, perseverance and efforts of the Gulzad family.

Our broad influence in the northern region of Afghanistan gave us the insight and understanding necessary to implement agricultural development projects throughout the country. For decades our experienced agricultural specialists have trained farmers and introduced pioneering new methods and initiatives.

The first agricultural enterprise to use fertilizers, we were the first to introduce local farmers to the benefits of fertilizers, resulting in a positive impact on the rural community, enabling farmers to grow higher quality produce and achieve better yields.

The cooperative is acknowledged as one of the most dependable producers in the country, and our trusted and reliable network ensures that we can consistently supply international buyers with the finest Afghan traditional dried fruits for their quality-conscious customers.


We have a reputation for building excellence and are one of the leading construction and infrastructure development companies in Afghanistan.

Recognized for our professionalism, reliability and innovation, we offer customized solutions to the most demanding projects. For us, construction quality is the primary focus, working to the highest international standards using the latest building technologies and materials.

Clients trust us to strategize, develop and deliver to the highest standards – and we honor that with our unwavering commitment and innovative approach.

We believe three fundamental factors underpin successful projects: technical competence, teamwork, and the desire to surpass client expectations. By placing these factors at the heart of everything we do, our teams quickly become part of a shared client vision that brings about exceptional results.

Successfully delivering a diverse range of projects for over 30 years, our areas of operations include residential, retail, commercial and industrial construction, national and community infrastructure, and military facilities. Today, many of our projects - notably the Gulzad Center, the Gulzad Business Center, and Gulzad City - stand as landmarks of progress and modernization in our country.

Our construction and operational teams are experts in their fields so no matter what the scope of the project we have the know-how to ensure each and every venture is completed to exact specifications. At all levels of operation, we encourage our staff to develop their skill sets as a way of self-improvement and career development. These expanding pools of skilled Afghan construction professionals make a positive and long-lasting contribution to our country.


Socio-economic investment is vital to the growth of Afghanistan, and is a powerful motivator and stimulator that contributes positively to community well-being and empowerment.

At the heart of the Gulzad Group is our investment arm, Gulzad Group Investments – a company whose focus is to identify and implement initiatives that will benefit underdeveloped sectors of Afghanistan’s economy. We participate in projects that encourage social stability by creating jobs and promote the rebuilding of the country's infrastructure.

Our investment portfolio currently includes a shopping center, a residential city – home to schools, clinics, housing and mosques, factories, a business center and numerous other properties throughout the country.

Through all the various political regimes and problems that affect our country, we have survived and succeeded – and we still stand tall as one of the most respected companies in Afghanistan. As far back as 1978 we were officially acknowledged by the then Afghan President, Daud Khan, for our significant contribution to the development of Afghanistan, and we are proud to have initiated many projects that have played an important part in developing the economy.

Our ability to identify niche market areas has helped us become a leader in social investment in Afghanistan. What sets us apart is that we successfully blend Afghan traditions and culture with modern business techniques, and have created an enterprise that understands the demands of the country while always delivering industry-leading solutions.


In business since 1989, Gulzad Group Logistics is one of the few transportation companies with the capability to reach all parts of Afghanistan. We have an excellent reputation for reliability and determination – consistently proven, even during times of political instability.

Using the concept of a single coordinator for all product distribution and supply-chain activities, we are a company that seamlessly connects Afghanistan based suppliers, manufacturers, carriers, distribution centers and end users with their global suppliers.

From the outset, we operated through a network of transport and storage depots across the country – critical in establishing us as a logistics partner with a truly nationwide reach. Today, we have a large fleet of modern, reliable trucks, secure warehousing facilities, and heavy-duty load-handling equipment enabling us to transport material quickly and efficiently.

With our experience of worldwide distribution, we offer a full range of shipping options for products of all types and deliver effective and workable solutions. Our state-of-the-art logistics technology ensures that our clients’ products are transported at the best rates on the most optimal routes.

Every aspect of the logistics work-flow is handled with complete efficiency and confidentiality. Import and export documentation is carefully managed, making certain that delivery times are kept short and deadlines are met.

Our services include:

Truckload and consolidated in-country services
Air and ocean cargo
Shipping coordination
Expedited and climate-controlled shipping for time- and temperature- sensitive deliveries
Warehousing and distribution solutions
Export container packaging, customs sealing and loading
Import container unpacking, clearance and distribution
Documentation compilation and verification
Project management


Often referred to as the 'Roundabout of Asia' due to the many traditional trade and migration routes that converge in the country, Afghanistan sits on the historic Silk Road from China to the Mediterranean. Trading is in the blood of the Afghan people and it is from this historical background that the Gulzad Group entered the general trading market with Gulzad Ltd in 1976.

We were one of Afghanistan’s first licensed import and export organizations; exporting dry fruits and wool, and importing electronic products, construction materials and food staples. We were also the first company to introduce fertilizers and kalaush to the Afghan market. Notably, in 1988, we became the first foreign company to open an affiliate office in Russia (then the USSR).

Over the years, we have gained a full understanding of international commercial trading and our domestic markets, and we have survived difficult times of political and economic uncertainty that allow us to remain as one of Afghanistan's leading trading companies.

Now known as Gulzad Group Trading, we manage all Gulzad Group import and export operations from our head office in Dubai. Satellite offices have been established in Kabul, Hamburg and Moscow, and we have a network of liaison offices in most major Asian, European and American cities.